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NZ Fur Specialists Est. 1969

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Workroom & Retail Outlet.

Located in Hokitika on the stunning West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand; Peter & Carol Gray, have managed business within the Possum-fur industry since 1969. Trading as Fur Dressers & Dyers (Westland) Ltd. the operation is most popularly known within the Retail, Manufacture & Export Industry as The Possum People.
Over the last 40+yrs plus, Peter & Carol have continued to develop The Possum People into an well established business with a wealth of industry knowledge that includes being one of New Zealand’s largest exporters of Possum Fiber.
The Company has established several Exclusive Brand names in NZ Fur, Footwear & Knitwear

The POSSUM PEOPLE A unique retail outlet where you can see Possum-Fur being transformed from basic Hides to High Quality product that is worn and used worldwide.

History of the Possum.

The species of New Zealand’s possum is Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula, from the Greek for “furry tailed” and the Latin for “little fox”). Brushtail possum is native to Australia. It has large and pointed ears and a bushy tail (hence its name).

In New Zealand, it was introduced in 1840s by European settlers, in an attempt to establish a fur industry. The quality of possum fur is very similar to sable. In fur industry, brushtail possum is always considered as top grade fur material. It is widely used in America, Italy, UK, Germany and etc.

Possum, like polar bear, has hollow-centre fur. This special structure will trap air inside the fibre, so that possum fibre is 30% warmer than wool and lighter at the same time. On top of that, unlike fox or ferret, possum fur is so extremely soft and comfortable to wear to your skin.

Since in New Zealand, brushtail possums are only threatned by humans and cats, they are more densely populated than in their native Australia. In 1950, the number of possum has risen to the point, 90 millions, where it is considered as a serious pest because of the damage they do to New Zealand native trees, plants and wildlife.

Trapping and hunting possum has always been encouraged by New Zealand government. Therefore, possum fur products are considered as ethical fur and we have a saying:

Buy a possum product, save a tree.
Brushtail Possum
Possum Fibre